How to Donate car to charity california kqed

How to Donate car to charity california kqed - Donate Cars To Charity To Serve The Humanity And Earn Benefits At The Same Time

The word DONATION means CONTRIBUTION and the charity is always done for good and to benefit the helpless. You are doing a great help for those who require your attention and support. You are doing a great social work by Donating Your Car.

A charity which is using a car which is donated to them is primarily being used for the transportation or dragging goods. Many times your donated car is sold, either by the charity center it self or by some dealer in order to raise the funds for the charity and the needful people.

When you Donate Cars to Charity:

o You will get free car pick up, no matter whether the car is in running mode or not.
o It prevents any kind of confusion about the Department of Motor Vehicles paperwork.
o You will have a proper qualification for the filling up of the IRS forms.
o You will be free of all your unwanted headaches like selling of the car, expensive advertisements for car sale, no repeated car show, and no discussion about the car price and features.

Serving the humanity as you Donate cars to Charity:

o Donating Your Vehicle Can Help Children with Special Needs
Children with special requirements can also live a fuller life with normal living style, when you donate your car in order to raise funds for these children and assist them in proper manner. You can give them the happiness by providing them the things that they love to have and do.

Your Old Car Could Be A Shelter To the Homeless 

Recent surveys have shown that over 759,101 people in America take refuge in emergency homes each and every night. If you only talk about California, over 177,722 people are homeless and this share is really high. Therefore, you car can prove to be a shelter for a few people and serve them in need...

Donating Cars in California

Have you recently purchased a new car and are having problems with your old one? You don't know where to park them? Well, one good way of disposing these old vehicles is to donate them. The best place for car donation is the state of California.

Car donation in California is a famous alternative for those who have old vehicles. Car owners can donate their vehicles including vans, cars, boats and other types of vehicles to a charity of their choice. This is one good way of getting rid of an old useless vehicle. In addition, you are able to help those who are in need without bothering yourself about what to do with that car.

The vehicle does not need to be in very good condition to be donated. In fact, broken down cars may also be donated. These centers would tow the broken cars for free. They will then fix these and auction them for a profit. The money earned from the auction will be given to the charity of your own choice.

Another way of donating automobile is by giving it to a poor family. According to the research done by Surface Transportation Policy Project (STPP), a non-profit agency, 20 percent of the American poor families can not buy a car. They are spending 40.2 percent of their budget with transportation expenses. STPP conducts a study about transportation alternative choices of Americans.

There are advantages in donating your ride in California. In other states, you are required to have the original title in order to donate. This is not the case here. In fact, as long as you are the legal owner of the car, you can still donate. The Center for Car Donations would provide you with a duplicate title form to be signed. On the other hand, car donors are entitled to a tax deduction. This is in accordance with the new tax law of 2005. In some cases, you are given a free vacation for your act of charity.

Another benefit of donating car in California is the free towing services offered. You're not required to bring the car to the Center for Car Donations. They are ready to pick it up especially if it is not in good running condition anywhere within the state.

You simply follow steps in giving out your car. First, prepare the vehicle. While it is not necessary for the car to be in good running condition, it would still be good if you make sure that it is presentable enough. Simply clean it and make sure you have nothing of your personal belongings left inside.

You also need to prepare all the important documents like registration and insurance. If you don't have the title, the Center for Car donation would provide you with a duplicate title form. After gathering all the documents to be transferred, make an online search for car donation companies that would facilitate your car donation. Make sure that the company is valid before submitting all the documents. This would prevent you from falling victim of scams.

When the car is picked up, the company would give you a tax form. This is important for you to avail of tax deduction. Make sure to file a notice of release of liability to a local Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV). Ask the people who picked up your car on how to fill out the form. Lastly, inform your insurance company that you donated your car to charity. Do this on the day you release your car. This is important for them so they can discontinue the insurance coverage.
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Alibabacoin (ABBC) Soars, Jumps to 66th After US Judge Rejects Infringement Motion

 Alibabacoin (ABBC) Soars, Jumps to 66th After US Judge Rejects Infringement Motion - Alibabacoin (ABBC) Soars, Jumps to 66th After US Judge Rejects Infringement Motion

While some altcoins have been losing it big today, Alibabacoin (ABBC) is doing fantastic. Alibabacoin (ABBC) has seen over 30% price increase at some point today, jumping to the 66th position in the coin market.

The digital asset is changing hands at $0.153187 USD after seeing over 23% gain in the last 24 hours.

The progress is coming few months after a United State federal court turned down Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd.’s lawsuit filed against a Dubai cryptocurrency company Alibabacoin Foundation purposely to bar it from using the Alibaba name for its Alibabacoin digital currency.

A ruling by Judge Paul Oetken at the Southern District of New York overruled the Alibaba’s motion on jurisdictional basis, maintaining that it fell short of provable evidences to confirm that using Alibabacoin as a brand would affect Alibaba’s business opportunities across New York or would affect its trademarks in the region.

With the help of blockchain technology, ABBC is proudly designed for distribution, finance, shopping, and security.

The digital asset is planning to launch facial recognition blockchain payment system in nothing less than 20 Shopping malls this 2019 Q1.

ABBC is fashioned for combining global platforms. International companies and even small shop operators can use a single facilitated payment system in a more safe way using cryptocurrencies through the help of ABBC Foundation’s online shopping and crypto exchange business.

ABBC Coin ecosystem is made of an innovative e-learning platform that covers a wide spectrum of financial topics that are not limited to cryptos, trading, the stock exchange, financial analysis and some others.

Alibabacoin (ABBC) is widely regarded as a digital asset profit-sharing system centered on delivering life-changing values.

The launch of ABBC Coin signals the beginning of crypto adoption, however, the lawsuit it was first faced with made the coin appear like something that will die too soon.

In the past, there were widespread rumour that Alibaba Group China is acquiring ABBC Foundation, but the rumour is not true as stated by the Chief Executive Officer of ABBC Foundation, Jason Daniel Paul Philip.

In a statement made by the CEO purposely to disprove the rumour, it was mentioned that the foundation only discussed with Alibaba Group China on the settlemt of the trademark fight brtween the two.

Jason Daniel Paul Philip said:

“After all the controversies regarding the name of our company and the constant disclaimers we put about not being related to the Chinese Alibaba Group”. Some people and media have misunderstood it as a possible acquisition by Alibaba Group, however, there is no such discussion about it, as of now.”

Bitcoin Miners Are Fooling Around While Earning Tens of Millions of Dollars

Bitcoin Miners Are Fooling Around While Earning Tens of Millions of Dollars - According to the recent research made by Diar: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash miners made more than $18 billion without any transaction.

Let us start with the two most famous cryptocurrency – Bitcoin and Ethereum. These two coins were the most popular proof-of-work blockchains, however, they processed the fewest amount of empty blocks, the report shows that Ethereum paid out $65 million in rewards for such blocks in 2017.

Bitcoin Cash, in his turn, has created more than 3300 empty blocks since the end of summer of 2017. It means that monthly about $5 million was gained across all networks. Moreover, Bitcoin Cash miners have earned more than $1 billion since its for on November 15, 2018.

Litecoin is a fast cryptocurrency, and due to its network underutilization, the coin has the most empty blocks. Litecoin miners are mostly hunting for lite blocks, thus its block time is considered to be about 2 minutes. Indeed, the time varies from the difficulty of mining, but in overall every 2 mins, the block is created.

The report suggests miners “fooling around”, because a lack of transactions rises up their reward by far less than gaining the block reward. Let us look on the example.

Block 1586699 which was processed on Tuesday has only transaction less than 1 LTC, nonetheless, the block paid out the mining reward of 25 LTC. It means that the miner has made over $1000 to process less than $50. There is another example, block 1586709, the miner has earned more than $1000 for processing $0 in transactions. Unfortunately, there is no such a thing in the fiat world.

Cardano (ADA) Trained Blockchain Engineers To Feature In India’s Emerging $350 Billion IT Market

Cardano (ADA) Trained Blockchain Engineers To Feature In India’s Emerging $350 Billion IT Market -

Given the fact that the blockchain labor market is the second fastest growing sector and that there are limited qualified developers around the world, Cardano (ADA) foundation is looking forward to invading India’s emerging $350 Billion IT market with its well trained developers.

Courtesy of the local support handed in from the Indian government, the venture arm of the blockchain foundation, EMURGO, would be initiating a blockchain learning institute for developers, as well as grooming them to become formidable experts. Hence, an adoption growth for Cardano (ADA) and blockchain technology in entirety within the county.

While the Indian’s IT market is expected to grow by 118% by 2025 from its present $160 billion market size, the likes of blockchain technology, Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence amongst others are expected to dominate the industry in coming years.

Also, there have been claims that only 0.25% of the software developers in India are employable as they do not possess the required blockchain skill.

As an addendum, the fact IBM and JP Morgan opted for blockchain technology by experimenting PoC (proof of concept) or pilot programs is a clear indication that the technology is gaining more traction around the world even amongst those who early pointed bad finger at. They have started seeing the need for the technology in executing swift transactions.

However, Cardano (ADA) blockchain technology is expected to receive a major boost through the institute.

The Chief Executive Officer of EMURGO Academy, E Venkatesan, in a statement noted that not less than 2,500 graduates from the institute would get employed in the first year.

“We are sure that at least 2,500 graduates of EMURGO Academy’s blockchain courses will go on to be hired in the first year by some of the country’s largest and most innovative organizations, thus serving to meet the gap in demand for quality blockchain developers,” Venkatesan noted.

In parallel, the Chief Investment Officer at EMURGO, Manmeet Singh, in his statement described the latest move from the firm as a great one which will help blockchain developers around the world find solid anchor in the labor market.

 “We deeply believe the future of many leading industries will be profoundly impacted by blockchain technologies. This in turn will very quickly create a massive demand for blockchain engineers which we are committed to training. Without properly skilled talent, no technology can gain global adoption and prevalence. It’s all about jobs, jobs and more jobs,” Singh stated.

Within the next few months or years, it is certain that Cardano (ADA) blockchain foundation will be coasting the nooks and cranny of India with its well trained blockchain developers.

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Ethereum Foundation Gives Grants to Support Scalability Research

Ethereum Foundation Gives Grants to Support Scalability Research

The fifth wave of grants from the Ethereum Foundation gave focus to scalability research and was announced via a press release on February 21, 2019.

A Helping Hand

Just a few months after they announced the fourth wave of grants and gave financial support to Parity Technologies, the Ethereum Foundation has officially announced the fifth wave of their endowments on February 21, 2019.

“The Ethereum Foundation Grants Program is an ongoing and continually improving experiment into how the EF can best invest the Ethereum community’s resources for the highest long-term impact on the Ethereum ecosystem,” the post said.

According to the Ethereum Foundation team, the idea behind the grants was initially to support scalability efforts. However, as time passed, the efforts of the foundation have expanded to other sectors of the ecosystem.

In this latest round of funding, the focus was given to critical Eth2.0 and layer two scaling efforts. However, the foundation has stated that they are still open to supporting efforts in other sectors of the Ethereum ecosystem.

The Winners

The post went on to list the winners of the fifth wave of grants from the Ethereum Foundation. In no particular order, funds were distributed to the following projects:

The Matter, which works in productionizing “Plasma Ignis” code, a SNARK-driven “roll up” that can support up to 500 transactions per second.

LeapDAO which produced “Plasma Leap” a More Viable Plasma design with smart contract like functionality.

Py-libp2p, a project involved in the Python implementation of libp2p which will be used in Eth2.0 research, as well as in many other projects, by UPenn seniors completing their capstone project (Zixuan Zhang, Robert Zajac, Alexander Haynes, and Aspyn Palatnick).

Ethereum on ARM which supports the decentralization of Ethereum by providing Ethereum client images on resource-constrained devices, including an initial investigation into using ARM nodes for Eth2.0 staking.

Görli testnet, a Cross-client testnet spearheaded by Chainsafe and widely supported by the Ethereum community. The desperately needed testnet launched at GörliCon at the end of January.

Shadowlands, which is also Python-based, TextUI rapid prototyping platform for ETH dApps which breaks the paradigm that everything must be a web app.

Funds were also given to DeepSEA, a research project at Yale and Columbia, to further their work on a formally verified language that compiles to the EVM.

As well as announcing the winners, the foundation also noted that they have decided not to include the wishlists or amounts granted this time to prevent applications from being prejudiced as a result of previous grants.

Which Cryptocurrency Crystal Ball Price Predictions Will Actually Come True In Time?

Which Cryptocurrency Crystal Ball Price Predictions Will Actually Come True In Time?

The crypto market has been enduring the right bear hug since last year. In fact, the current bear market is the longest ever experienced in the crypto space. Most cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin still struggles even to surpass the $6,000 price mark. However, Bitcoin is not what it used to be as it declined in its market value by 80 percent since the start of last year.

During the bear market, there were unrealistic predictions from cryptocurrency experts that calmed the crypto market; those predictions kept the hopes of investors and crypto-holders high – some of those predictions still seem to be coming true. But not all.

So, we are only in the first few months of 2019 and let's admit it, the crypto-market is still experiencing the bear side of the market, but things are getting on the bright side, and some of the long-term Bitcoin predictions are beginning to turnaround.

Institutional Investors Will Start Making Use Of Bitcoin

Over the past few years, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have had a long war with institutions. The cryptocurrencies have continued to surge even without the help of institutional money. One thing is evident: Bitcoin needs institutions to invest in it to experience a further cash flow and see a price surge than what it boasts today.

There have been many predictions that institutions will invest on Bitcoin – even though it looked unrealistic back then, investors are gradually taking a considerable step towards looking at the side of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Lately, a financial institution: JP Morgan, came up with a plan to have its very own crypto-coin. Although this crypto-coin will not be a real one, it will have some connection between fiat money and stable coin.

Also, another financial institution known as Bakkt has developed an interest in cryptocurrency. Although the Bakkt exchange project hasn’t been fully actualized yet, it is certain that soon enough, there will be some sort of connection and the use of cryptocurrency with Bakkt. More financial Institutions are joining the trend to adopt cryptocurrencies, which will work as a catalyst for Bitcoin’s growth.

The Surge In Bitcoin’s Price

Bitcoin’s price still looks bleak, and it has been like that since last year. Understandably, the low price state of Bitcoin has got many crypto investors to lose their hope on the cryptocurrency and began to wonder if Bitcoin has a future.

To make matters even worse, the Bitcoin Cash fork brought the price of Bitcoin down to a new low. At that time, there were several predictions that Bitcoin will drop even more after the fork before a positive upturn begins.

But guess what? Things are beginning to take a new shape and Bitcoin is starting to regain its momentum gradually, and this has spiked much optimism among crypto investors.

Final Words

These Bitcoin predictions are coming to pass. There are other ones we may experience this year and some next year (the Bitcoin ETF approval in particular). Additionally, there is also the prediction that Bitcoin’s price may reach $15,000 before 2019 comes to an end.

Even with all these predictions, investors are still advised to look at the bright side, keep their hopes high and invest on Bitcoin (at their very own risk, of course) – hopefully, the market will go past these dark days soon.

Inside The Numbers Shows Dogecoin (DOGE) Has More Active Wallet Addresses Than XRP And ETH

Inside The Numbers Shows Dogecoin (DOGE) Has More Active Wallet Addresses Than XRP And ETH

In a recent ranking concerning the platforms with the most active addresses, Dogecoin ranked fourth– and still managed to outrank Ethereum and XRP.

For those who are unaware, active addresses describes the number of unique senders and recipients per day. The transactions occur through this process, meaning that every transaction feature two addresses. It may also be the case that one address has many different transactions.

Because of this, to determine the actual behavior of a sender and receiver, you would need to look beyond the active addresses. A perhaps more effective method is to look at the number of transactions during the same period. This may be able to provide insight into consumers’ spending and selling behavior during a transaction.

In the event that there are less than double the amount of active addresses, it suggests that one address is completing multiple transactions.

On the other hand, if there are more addresses than transaction, then one address may be averaging less than one transaction per period. Further, it is important to note that on average, the number of transactions per person is under one. At this point, good job Dogecoin.

NEO 3.0 Blockchain Being Used By Everyone From VCs to Potato Farmers in 2020

NEO 3.0 Blockchain Being Used By Everyone From VCs to Potato Farmers in 2020

NEO’s 2019 DevCon event in Seattle started off with a bang when the company’s Co-Founder, Da Hongfei, opened the event with a speech focused on the promise of the smart economy, and shared his views on how NEO will help guide the world towards a new, tech-based, future.

Importantly, Hongfei expressed an ardent belief that the smart economy is much more than a simple movement within the financial ecosystem and will ultimately prove to be the next stage in world economic development, moving the world away from an industrial-based economy and towards a digitally-based one.

What is the Smart Economy?

Throughout history, there have been multiple stages of economic development that have guided most countries towards their current economic status. Hongfei believes that a “smart economy” will be the next evolutionary stage of economics that pulls the world away from an industry-based economy and towards a digitally-based one.

During his speech, the NEO co-founder explained that the smart economy will be fully digital, programable, and interoperable. Blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) will undoubtedly play a large role in this hypothesized new global economic system but will also offer participants of this new economy another key benefit: decentralization.
Within this brave new economic system that Hongfei postulates will proceed that which we are currently in, its decentralized nature will lead to significantly greater transparency and inclusion within not only financial systems, but also within society in general.
Furthermore, Hongfei noted that within the smart economy, its decentralized nature will also allow for greater freedom within all markets, and smaller governments.

How NEO Could Contribute to the Smart Economy

Naturally, Hongfei believes that NEO will provide a solid base for this new economy to be built upon, as the network encourages multiple projects in a wide range of industries to build services and products that can offer benefits from everyone ranging from venture capitalists to potato farmers.

Hongfei and fellow NEO co-founder, Erik Zhang, also released more details about NEO 3.0 during the DevCon event, which they hope will help to ultimately propel NEO to become the number one blockchain in the world by 2020, and to help usher in the new era of the smart economy.

NEO 3.0 – which may take up to one and a half years to be fully implemented – will offer multiple benefits to the network, including upgrades to the architecture of NEO, add support for layer two and sharding solutions, and offer greater incentives in an order to optimize on-chain governance solutions, while also increasing the network’s security.

If projects and corporations across the globe continue turning to blockchain at a rapid rate in an effort to increase their operational efficiency, the world’s economic system may ultimately transition away from industrialism and towards the smart economy that Hongfei believes NEO will play a role in forming.

Is CasperLabs Ready to Compete with Ethereum?

Is CasperLabs Ready to Compete with Ethereum?

After months of speculation, it was confirmed that Vlad Zamfir, the leading developer of Ethereum, would work with CasperLabs on a different blockchain protocol. Will CasperLabs compete with Ethereum? CasperLabs, based in New York, is an R&D initiative that builds a new Proof-of-Stake (PoS) decentralized blockchain.

In a statement issued by Vlad Zamfir this week: "I believe that the decentralized and measurable 'share proof' consensus protocol is more useful and safe than existing blocks, and ultimately overrides mining consensus and Nakamoto. However, I'm not sure they can update the Bitchain and Ethereum blockchain community protocols."

This prompted him to accept the role of Leader of the Leader Consensus Leader at CasperLabs, but Ethereum and management will continue to work on the Evidence-of-Stake. Are there conflicts of interest?

In August 2015, CasperLabs was named according to the Casper protocol proposed by Zamfir for Ethereum. This initiative introduces itself as a competitor to Ethereum, presenting stronger PoS technology and mass scalability. On Friday, Zamfir clarified his contradictory role in the CasperLabs and Ethereum Foundation in Manhattan.

In a press release Friday morning, Zamfir praised the initiative and said: "I am interested in implementing a scalable blockchain protocol from the CasperLabs CBC Casper family of protocols, and I hope this effort succeeds and suppresses other projects (such as Ethereum) to adopt technology. I am grateful to support my CasperLabs research, and I hope to work with them to see that happen."

The CEO of CasperLabs development team Medha Parlikar and leading Casper developer Michael Birch pledged to scale the blockchain without sacrificing decentralization such as removing mining needed by the traditional Evidence Work protocol, and pledging to be more efficient and ecologically and economically safe.

Last Weekend of February Sees Crypto Market Lose $11b In Minutes

Crypto market’s recent happy high gave way to what can only be described as a bloodbath in a dramatic turn of the market over the last 24 hours. Filling many enthusiasts and even some experts with hopes of a bullish outbreak, the cryptocurrencies had been enjoying their time in the green, with the total market cap touching 143 billion dollars. Soon, the market plunged from $141 billion to $130 billion in a matter of minutes as the prices of major coins came tumbling down as well.

At the time of writing, the market cap has fallen even further than that: reaching $127,091,116,029, well under the 130 billion dollar mark which may have been a saving grace. Given the crypto market rally between 21st and 23rd February had come as a relief to all onlookers, today’s disastrous turn has certainly put the market firmly back to square one. The longest crypto winter is clearly not ready to let go just yet.

Of late, even as the prices had risen, Bitcoin had not quite managed to break past the resistance level of $4200. That, experts believe, may have caused the altcoins to fall again. However, the bloodbath surely does not mean that all hope is lost. Technical analyst DonAlt reportedly had this to say about the fall:
All the bearish altcoins setups we’ve been discussing on stream for the last week are finally starting to play out. One more leg down should finish their retracements and make them attractive again. Staying hands off due to their weakness paid off. Patience is key.
In fact, last week, economist Alex Kruger had also expressed a similar opinion, citing the low volume in crypto exchanges. Had Bitcoin broken out of the $4200 range, it perhaps would have managed to stay far away from a drop to the lower $3000s.
The price of Bitcoin itself crashed by about 500 dollars in just about 5 minutes. At the time of writing, it is priced at $3,806.98, registering a fall by 4.81%. The fall may have been triggered by the profit taking that inevitably followed the surge in price, given the shorts and longs have not registered much of a change at the moment.

Ahead of the Constantinople hard fork, Ethereum’s bullish factors seem to have let it down as it has fallen by 8.82% to $138.23. Will the crypto winter continue or will Bitcoin bounce back in style, taking the market forward with it? As DonAlt said, patience seems to be the key right now.

Donate Car to Charity California

Donate Car to Charity California

The demonstration of giving an auto to philanthropy is a standout amongst the most remunerating things you can do. When you give your auto, you accomplish something other than help a philanthropy. You really help to enhance somebody’s life. To enable a poor individual, to please give an auto to one of these regarded foundations inCalifornia. Set up in 1946 in Davis, California, Freedom From Hunger has been battling ceaseless appetite and neediness on the planet through inventive projects intended to enable families to accomplish long haul sustenance security. Their projects are serving more than 18 million individuals in a portion of the poorest nations on the planet. They are both nongovernmental and nonsectarian and they have been given an A-rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy. Instruct for America attempts to guarantee that kids in low salary zones get a great training. Not as much as half of the youngsters in California are on review level for perusing and math, and it positions 48th in scholarly execution. In the Bay Area, Teach for America has been giving incredible instruction to more than 10 years. In Los Angeles, they have working since 1990. Instruct for America attempts to enlist pioneers who work to grow instructive open doors in low wage regions and after that educate for a long time in those regions. The Guthy Jackson Charitable Foundation is committed to the treatment and a solution for neuromyelitis optica. NMO is an extremely uncommon illness that can influence the optic nerve and spinal line. Individuals with this horrendous ailment can create vision misfortune, or shortcoming, deadness, and here and there loss of motion of the arms and legs alongside tangible aggravations and misfortune bladder and inside control. Despite the fact that there are a few medicines accessible significantly more research is expected to discover better ones and a fix.
A Home Away From Homelessness is devoted to supporting and sustaining the necessities of destitute and in the past destitute kids and families in San Francisco and Marin. Their homes give a physical, enthusiastic and profound break for youngsters alongside instructive, social and recreational chances. Family Builders trusts that each youngster has the privilege to experience childhood in a changeless, supporting family paying little mind to the kid’s age, race, ethnicity, sex, religion, sexual introduction, or therapeutic, physical or enthusiastic condition. Family Builders teaches the network about the requirements of holding up youngsters, advocates on their sake and spots the kids with changeless, secure families through selection. The auto gift process is simple and the pickup is free. You can give your auto even it never again runs or is fit as a fiddle. You simply need a title for your auto and it should be the place the tow truck can without much of a stretch get to it. As an end-result of your auto gift, you will get an important expense finding and a feeling of pride knowing you have completed a great thing.


How To Donate a Car In California?

 Are you ready to donate a car in California? If so, good for you! Donating a car to charity is a wonderful decision on many levels. First of all, your donation goes to help a great cause. Plus, you get your old vehicle or junk car moved off of your property free of charge. You are also recycling an old vehicle, and you also get to claim the car donation as a tax deduction. In this post you'll find some tips on how to donate a car in California and some specific requirements you should be aware of that relate to California car donations

1. To donate a car in California, you begin by submitting an online car donation form or calling the charity you wish donate your vehicle to. If you wish to claim the car donation as a tax deduction, be sure to check that the charity is an IRS recognized nonprofit organization.

2. The process for receiving the tax receipt for your charitable donation may vary. Some charities will email you the initial receipt while others have the tow truck provide you with the receipt at the time of pick up. This is just an initial receipt and enables you to claim a tax deduction of up to $500. You should check with the charity to find out what their procedure is for providing you with this receipt when you submit your vehicle donation.

3. In the State of California, the license plates remain with the vehicle, so these should not be removed prior to the pickup.

4. Filing a Release of Liability with the California Department of Motor Vehicles is an important step you do not want to miss when you donate a car. This document releases you from future liability which may arise for any reason after the vehicle is donated. In California the procedure for filing a Release of Liability is that you must return the pink portion of the title or DMV form REG 138 to your local Department of Motor Vehicles. Alternatively, you can file your release of liability online at

5. If your vehicle sells for more than $500, or if it qualifies for a fair market value tax deduction, you will receive additional tax paperwork after the sale of the vehicle takes place. The amount you will be allowed to deduct on your taxes will vary depending on several factors which could include the price the vehicle is sold for or whether the vehicle is classified as a fair market value car donation.

6. One last point we should mention is that if you plan to claim your car donation tax deduction on your 2012 taxes, you need to make sure you donate the car well before the deadline of December 31, 2012. The charity should have possession of the vehicle before midnight on December 31st, or at least have the pickup well in the works, in order for you to claim your tax deduction in 2012. Don’t wait till the last minute as there could be delays that could result in you being unable to claim the donation as a deduction for the current tax year. If you have any further questions related to your car donation tax deduction, most charities are relatively knowledgeable about the process and paperwork needed, however, you should consult a CPA or accountant for specifics regarding your particular tax situation. For additional questions related to car donations in California, you can contact your local DMV or visit the California DMV website for the latest information on state specific requirements